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MYTRAK Technologies has introduced a unique concept to core body fitness training and optimal health with the MYTRAK Wand. Our exclusive exercise device My Wand and corresponding DVD’s have been created to enhance your activity programs, all from the privacy of your own home. MY WAND is a 30 minute core-training circuit designed to target those all important core muscles with a cardio component to keep your heart rate in the optimal zone. Unlike other workout DVD’s, MY WAND works in conjunction with M2 and a heart rate belt if desired, giving you instant feedback on the benefits of your completed workout.

Ergonomically designed to interact with individual body shapes, the Wand challenges conventional exercise protocols by intentionally using off-centre forces to effect neuromuscular change. Wand programming targets all the bodies muscle groups but our emphasis is on the core where we can strengthen and lengthen the foundation muscles of the stomach and lower back. This in effect creates an abdominal girdle pulling in the belly fat in the process. Interchangeable weights, stacked inside the bulbous end, make this a formidable exercise option.

The material of the wand is a non-slip grip surface and is available in pink, black or white. Each Wand weighs about 2 lb. and comes with 3 – 2 lb. weights. Wand weight can be increased by 2 lb. increments, taking the Wand weight up to 8 lbs.

The tail of the wand is used for stability.The body of the wand provides stability, but also provides you with the capability to intensify the muscles exercised, by extending the head further from the body while performing the exercise. The curved body also provides a base for more advanced moves. The head of the Wand is the focal part and is the area where the weight can be increased.

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