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About Hanoun

Hanoun Medical is a superior Research and Development Company specializing in the design and manufacture of medical evaluation and rehabilitation systems. For the past 18 years, Hanoun Medical has been fully committed to meeting the unique needs of the physical rehabilitation and medical industries. We work hand-in-hand with the leading industry professionals to develop our products and programs to incorporate the latest design features and provide the flexibility practitioners need in their treatment and evaluation protocols. We design innovative, yet practical products and services that immediately impact the effectiveness of the treatment cycle and provide true accountability for the practitioner’s programs.

Hanoun Medical specializes in providing a “total solution” approach to optimizing the clinical management of rehabilitation services. We know what legislation and clinical accreditation standards require and are able to provide complete clinical analyses based upon the desired objectives of both the payer and the provider of services. We also recognize the need to understand the proper integration of technology within a practice and its existing resources as well as paying attention to available space and finances. We are committed to working with our customers for success today and in the future.


For years, Hanoun has been leading the industry in science and technology through its participation in active research programs developed in conjunction with industry professionals in Canada, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong. Our mission statement includes advancing the fields of medical evaluation and physical rehabilitation through the development of the state-of-the-art technologies and supporting scientific research that provide the most effective and reliable means to enhance the capabilities of the service provider and insure the optimum patient outcome.


One of the strongest benefits of quality research is the ability to adapt positive outcomes into state-of-the-art applications, protocols and instrumentation that can be readily used by practitioners in the marketplace. The ability of the medical or therapy professional to achieve the optimum recovery in patient treatment and to demonstrate reproducible outcomes serves as the goal for Hanoun Medical’s development of the most comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation systems, disability prevention and monitoring programs. Hanoun has a dedicated team of expert researchers and developers committed to bringing the superior advantages of interfacing computerization, biomedical instrumentation and the most dynamic performance-analysis software to the true professional. The team is also dedicated to elevating the state of the physical rehabilitation and medical evaluation industries through creating products that are unsurpassed in the marketplace.

Hanoun Medical designs and manufactures the most comprehensive line of biomedical equipment. Our product lines include: functional testing systems for strength, positional tolerances and time-motion activities; cervical spine evaluation and treatment systems; a complete line of physical strength and conditioning equipment; work-hardening simulation stations; impairment evaluation software; and, systems for on-site job analysis and the measurement of the ergonomic demands of work.

Hanoun Medical has unequaled manufacturing capabilities by virtue of its ability to rapidly respond to and meet market demands, even in custom testing applications. The ability to fully control every step of the design and manufacturing processes allows Hanoun Medical to maintain the most stringent guidelines for engineering and production, ensuring every Hanoun product is the most advanced system available on the market. Feedback from medical and rehabilitation professionals has been one of the most valuable resources in making the improvements necessary to ensure the competitive viability of not only Hanoun Medical, but our customers as well.


Hanoun Medical’s key personnel and our consultative resources cover a broad spectrum of customer-based services in the evaluation and rehabilitation fields. Hanoun is now a leader in cooperative educational programs across the United States and Canada. By networking with various educational institutions and professional associations, Hanoun Medical is providing the understanding necessary for allied health and medical practitioners to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Hanoun Medical also provides continuing education programs on a direct basis to enhance the capabilities of our system users in marketing and the various applications that make the Hanoun Systems stand apart from the competition.

Certification and Accreditation

Hanoun Medical’s commitment to the continued advancement of professionalism in the medical evaluation and physical rehabilitation field does not end with our advanced technologies. The certification and accreditation of the technology operators in the market is of significant importance to the delivery of quality programs for both evaluation and rehabilitation outcomes. Hanoun Medical has established relationships with international certification and accreditation programs and many of the recognized leaders in the field (e.g., Dr. Leonard Matheson, Dr. Robert May). Programs are being supported on a regular basis in Colorado, Virginia, Florida, British Columbia and Ontario.

Hanoun’s commitment to certification provides the users with the required confidence and knowledge to provide quality evaluations that meet the stringent demands of today’s community both from a legal admissibility and medical “best practices” standpoint. Hanoun Medical recognizes the true evaluation and rehabilitation professional cannot be limited by the constraints of a “canned protocol” approach to functional testing. The professional evaluator must have the abilities to address functionality from the standpoint of the impairment, the nature of the referral question and the application of the results to the point-of-intervention in the patient evaluation process.

Employer Programs

The demand upon employers to meet various legislative and regulatory agency mandates has served as the catalyst for quality medical testing programs that provide effective injury prevention, workplace reintegration and outcome management programs. Hanoun provides comprehensive services to employers on a local, regional and national level in cooperation with our network of providers. In many instances large employers for the purpose of establishing evaluation programs have directly contacted Hanoun Medical. Hanoun Medical works in conjunction with its network of providers to develop the most comprehensive programs in line with the employer’s needs.

Insurance Programs

Insurance carriers in workers’ compensation, long term disability and general liability markets are expressing an ever-increasing demand for quality functional and medical impairment assessments. Hanoun Medical, through its outreach programs, has provided in-service educational programs on the advantages of technology-based functional testing systems and consultative services for the coordination of functional testing through our network of providers.