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Hanoun CIRES System

The Hanoun CIRES System is our entry-level computer interfaced evaluation system. The CIRES system is ideal for those who only wish to perform impairment specific or rating evaluations. The end user can perform Impairment Rating Evaluations in compliance with the AMA Guides. The integrated Algometer/ Manual Muscle Tester allows the evaluator to perform manual muscle tests or assess the patient’s consistency of self report with point tenderness. This is ideal for those who assess such conditions as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Back Pain.

System Specifications

Computerized Dual Inclinometers

· Measures the net range of motion between the two inclinometers.
· Ability to record individual and true range of motion for better admissibility.
· Proprietary feature allows them to be used as a small goniometer.
· Self-calibrating and accurate to 1°.

Computer Integrated Pressure Algometer

· Capable of measuring 750 lbs.
· Accessories include round, concave, rectangular and 1 cm square pads.
· Used for manual muscle & point tenderness testing.
· Can be used for manual muscle testing.
· Easily calibrated & verified by evaluator.


· Reporting within ODES ensures data cannot be altered or changed.
· Page numbering and starting page number can be set.
· Can choose which notes or tests to print.
· Can choose to print many print options.
· Built in Calibration reports provide date, time, accuracy and the name of the person calibrating and verifying the tools.

Self-Report Tests

. Waddell’s Non Organic Signs, Physical Demands Analysis Questionnaire, Oswestry and Neck Disability
. Questionnaires, Dallas Pain Questionnaire, Superficial Tenderness Testing all provided.
· Can choose to compare results to norms. Standardized Tests and Protocols
· Range of motion and static strength for all joints and plane of movements.
· Can create custom static strength tests setting all the variables as desired.

Non-Integrated Tests

· Can create a customized tests.
· Can choose a variety of settings.
· Can compare tests results based on various values to norms either as a whole value or classified in age and gender groups.


· Digital pictures can be stored in ODES.
· Unique search features on multiple fields.
· English/imperial & metric units available.
· Can apply ICD9 codes to the patients file.
· Store/track multiple contact information.
· Variety of input screens with preset smart templates and conditional statements.
· Ability to lock notes to prevent purposeful or accidental changes.


  • Impairment Specific Evaluations
  • Impairment Rating


  • Height: 6.5”
  • Length: 19”
  • Width: 15”
  • Weight: 17 lbs

Accessories / Upgrades

  • Extended Warranty(Optional)