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Diagnostic Division

Objective documentation of injury and progress during rehabilitation has long been recognized as an important component to any successful program, both in terms of outcome measures and in relation to improving communication between practitioners and payers alike. Hanoun's Diagnostic Division incorporates our two affordable evaluation systems, the CIRES and the Evaluator, to meet this objective.

This product line is designed to meet the needs of the physician, chiropractor, and therapist who wish to objectively document an individual's impairment over the course of treatment or to provide an impairment rating. These systems can objectively document both range of motion and strength alike. Reports only require a few mouse clicks and are graphical and in color. Automated explanations of results are in simple English for the reader's ease. Efficient testing, objective outcomes, new income streams and improved office efficiency has proven to advance business practices and finances. Hanoun's Diagnostic Division is designed to address these needs.


The Hanoun CIRES System, our computer interfaced impairment evaluation system, is ideal for those who specialize in the performance of permanent impairment rating evaluations. The end user can perform impairment rating evaluations in compliance with the AMA Guides. Additionally, the integrated Algometer / Manual Muscle Tester allows the evaluator to perform manual muscle tests or assess the patient's consistency of self-report with point tenderness. This is ideal for those who assess such conditions as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Back Pain.


The Hanoun Evaluator System incorporates the same tools as the CIRES system, but also includes other key evaluation tools such as the Handgrip, Pinch Grip, Infrared Heart Rate system and the Small/Large Goniometer. This is an excellent system for those who wish to perform minor functional evaluations, physical job analyses, impairment evaluations and require a system that is portable and flexible. The Evaluator system uses peer-reviewed published protocols to ensure the defensibility of the practitioner's protocol and allows the user to create a number of custom tests including hand or pinch grip, static tests, etc.

Testing Platform

The Hanoun Testing Platform is an essential upgrade to those Evaluator users who wish to perform more types of computer interfaced functional testing, including static and dynamic lifting, pushing, pulling, dynamic carrying, and the Standard NIOSH or Horizontal Validity protocols.