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Hanoun Evaluator System

The Hanoun Evaluator System is an excellent system for those who wish to perform minor functional evaluations or who may be performing physical job analyses and requires a system that is portable and flexible to meet either need. The Evaluator system uses the best in peer-reviewed published protocols, to ensure the defensibility of the practitioner's protocol. This system allows the user to custom create a number of tests including custom hand or pinch grip, static tests, non integrated tests, etc.

System Specifications

Computer Integrated Pressure Algometer

· Capable of measuring 750 lbs.
· Variety of accessories included.
· Point tenderness, manual muscle and job task analysis testing.

Job Demands Analysis
· Document the individual's job demands.
· Can store multiple job demands for recall.
· Demonstrated abilities for each demand.
· Can be printed on a separate sheet.

Computerized Goniometer
· Interchangeable guides for placement.
· Input with hand switch or foot pedal.
· Can use as a large or small goniometer.

Computerized Dual Inclinometers
· Measures net range of motion.
· Meets AMA Guides for ROM testing.

Computer Integrated Hand Grip
· Real time force graphs.
· Can create customized handgrip tests.

Computer Integrated Pinch Grip
· Real time force graphs.
· Can create customized pinch grip tests.

Integrated Infrared Heart Rate System
· Up to 30 feet of range for monitoring.
· Signal updates with every beat.

Standardized Tests and Protocols
· ROM and static strength for all joints.
· Can create custom static strength tests.
· Can use either peak or average force.
· Industry standard protocols.

· Data cannot be altered or changed in report.
· Can choose which notes or tests to print.
· Detailed calibration reports.

Self-Report Tests
· Standard Self-Reports are provided.
· Can create customized self-report.
· Can choose to compare results to norms.

Cardiovascular Tests
· Programmed Bruce Treadmill & Astrand Protocols with predicted VO2 max.

Non-Integrated Tests
· Create customized non-integrated tests.
· Variety of settings including timer.
· Can compare results to norms.

· English/imperial & metric units available.
· Store/track multiple contact information.
· Variety of input screens with preset smart templates and conditional statements.


  • Job Analysis
  • Ergonomic Modification
  • Therapy Baseline Evaluation
  • Therapy Tracking Evaluation
  • Impairment Specific Evaluations
  • Impairment Ratings


  • Height: 10”
  • Length: 22”
  • Width: 15”
  • Weight: 27 lbs

Evaluator FCE System (Optional Platform Upgrade)

The Evaluator FCE System is an evolutionary system designed to provide computerized, objective testing of patients to more accurately assess disability and the potential need for rehabilitation and or readiness for workplace reintegration. The Evaluator FCE System is a computer-based evaluation system that allows for the objective documentation of patients' abilities prior to, during, and after therapy. Practitioners are able to analyze patients' abilities or limitations, and have the means to re-assess on a direct comparison to the benchmark while fully documenting improvements demonstrated.