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Carpal Tunnel, Repetitive Strain and other upper extremity conditions have plagued not only the blue-collar, but also the white-collar workplace for decades. Since the industrial revolution, the repetitive nature of most jobs has created a substantial market need for the early identification, screening and avoidance of such conditions. This market is estimated at more than $11 billion a year. The combination of effective technology-based evaluation services with the comprehensive software programs for service delivery has created a standardized platform for the provision of Human Performance Evaluation services on an international basis.

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Upper Extremity


Workers’ Compensation insurers, Short Term/Long Term Disability insurers, Employers and Government spend an estimated $240 billion a year on various muscles injuries and claims resulting from such injuries. Hanoun Functional Evaluation Technologies provide comprehensive and objective assessment for the early determination of an individual’s physical ability, prior to an employer’s hiring, to ensure the applicant has the physical capacity to perform the required job duties. Post injury, comprehensive evaluation services are offered to determine the nature and extent of an injury and to provide the healthcare practitioner with objective data necessary to effectively and efficiently measure patient care.

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Motor vehicle accidents, sports related injuries in amateur and professional sports, and injuries from activities of daily living (slips and falls) represent an untapped and desperately under-serviced industry. Whiplash is the least understood and treated injury condition costing the auto insurance industry in excess of $50 billion a year. However, the application of the patented Hanoun Multi Cervical system goes far beyond the motor vehicle accident population. Sports teams are using it for treatment and evaluation purposes. Workers’ Compensation insurers are now recognizing it for the restoration of a patient’s function, as opposed to traditional chiropractic and therapy manipulation alone.

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Early intervention with controlled active exercise has been shown to be most successful in the treatment of injury. Hanoun’s strength training equipment is a modular line consisting of twelve individual stations and that can be configured in a number of options from single stations to a modular setup as illustrated. Hanoun has been manufacturing these products for almost 2 decades. These products are all designed for high volume use in any type of setting and require minimal servicing.

These systems are ideal in the facility dedicated to active rehabilitation and health & wellness programs. They are currently in use in hospitals, private clinics, homes, fitness clubs and on-site for employers. Medline addresses range of motion, strength and work performance, in terms of skills and tolerance, while ensuring the patient remains in a controlled environment. Exercise overall has proven effective in the prevention and treatment of workplace injury.

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Hanoun provides its patient management program, ODES to physicians, rehabilitation providers, chiropractors, occupational therapists, etc., to manage and operate their practice. ODES is comprehensive software program and includes:

  • Track all aspects of patient information
  • General information (name, address, phone, SSN)
  • Specific case information (physician, referral source, employer, occupation, last day worked, insurance, policy & claim numbers)
  • Multiple cases to separate various occurrences
  • Start and End dates of treatment (i.e. length of time)
  • Statistical Practice Outcome reports (can query reports based on referral source, employer, length of treatment, diagnosis, status, etc.)
  • User level passwords for networked offices allowing multiple simultaneous users security
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Custom smart templates automatically populate patient information and test details using appropriate conditional statements eliminating the need for transcription services
  • Custom tests with automated scoring reducing the necessary time to report results
  • Cardiovascular tests included (Astrand, Bruce Treadmill) or custom create your own.
  • Automated calculations and standardized protocols preprogrammed
  • Real-time graphical analysis (requires tool integration)
  • Custom reporting with Full FCE Report Writer
    • Insert customized logo, address and title to individualize the report.
    • Print only the sections and tests you want and directly e-mail to the referral source
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Hanoun has developed proprietary Impairment and Disability Evaluation software for practitioners that wish to expand into the lucrative impairment and disability evaluation market, estimated to be over $4 billion. This software conforms to 3rd, 4th and 5th Editions of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

  • Florida Impairment Rating edition also available
  • Automatically calculates impairment ratings
  • Uses the cascading scale where appropriate
  • Automatically references AMA tables
  • Both Range of Motion or Diagnosis Related Estimate models included
  • Includes the evaluation of Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and the Spine
  • Ability to modify impairment
  • Reports automatically, reducing report time significantly, and automates the process for practitioners in conducting impairment evaluations.
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Hanoun Employer Services include workplace consulting on injury awareness, rehabilitation, workplace modification, and injury prevention programs. Emphasis is placed on effective injury prevention through post-offer screening and employee job matching. Hanoun technology is used throughout North America to provide today's health conscious employer with state-of-the-art computerized injury prevention programs. Employers who wish to setup on-site evaluation facilities can utilize the Hanoun ER and Evaluator to conduct their own evaluations and employee baseline testing.

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Whether it's a workplace injury or a motor vehicle accident; claims, legal and case management personnel need to receive the most accurate injury evaluations in order to facilitate appropriate case resolutions. Hanoun Medical, through its evalNET® professionals provides the vital information necessary to achieve the most effective resolution of injury claims. The types of determinations most commonly requested are:

  • Impairment Evaluation/Disability Evaluation
  • Effectiveness of Treatment Evaluation
  • Modified/Alternate Work Duties Evaluation
  • Residual Functional Abilities Evaluation

Hanoun Medical also provides case management consulting to insurance companies in order to achieve effective workplace reintegration and claims resolution.

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Hanoun Medical operates the world’s first national Human Performance Evaluation organization. Presently, Hanoun has licensed over 200 evalNET® Human Performance centers throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong. evalNET® centers are the most comprehensive medical and rehabilitation providers, comprised of physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and other healthcare providers, using patented and proprietary advanced digital evaluation technology for the evaluation of human performance and physical ability. evalNET® Human Performance centers provide the most advanced array of computerized physical capability evaluation services in the world, including:

  • Disability Evaluation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Impairment Specific Evaluations
  • Return to Work
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Therapy Tracking
  • Whiplash Evaluation, Treatment and Prevention
  • Employment Suitability

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