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Strength Training Division

Early intervention with controlled active exercise has been shown to be most successful in the treatment of injury. Hanoun's Strength Training Division includes the Medline, our rehabilitation equipment line.

Hanoun has been manufacturing these products for almost 2 decades. They are all designed for high volume use in any type of setting and to require minimal servicing. These systems are ideal in the facility dedicated to active rehabilitation, and health & wellness programs. They are currently in use in hospitals, private clinics, homes, fitness clubs and on-site for employers.

Designed as either stand-alone units or in modular formation, the line ensures that the equipment is both functional and appealing to your ultimate customer. The lines address range of motion, strength and work performance, in terms of skills and tolerance, while ensuring the patient remains in a controlled environment. Exercise overall has proven effective in the prevention and treatment of workplace injury.

Medline Equipment

Hanoun's Medline systems come with standard features including range of motion limiters, adjustable seating and starting points, and travel range indicators for documentation of activity. Selectable weights allow the practitioner to increment weight according to the patient's progress. Multiple exercises can be performed on each system addressing all major muscle groups, and are shown on front panel diagrams.












Modular System

Pulley System