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The NEW Transportable Evaluation Systems Technology (TEST) is the most revolutionary development in the field of functional testing. TEST provides the professional evaluator with the means to take the evaluation technology directly to the employers' work site, doctor's office, or the injured worker's home, and be able to perform a full functional evaluation without any special requirements.

The TEST provides the functional evaluation professional with the most-widely referenced and peer-reviewed protocols in the evaluation of human capabilities. Test's state-of-the-science software also provides the true professional with the means to create functional tests specific to the exact nature of the work to be performed, or to discern the exact nature of the impairment's affect upon the ability to perform the job.

Test's software is unmatched in the functional testing industry. It makes report-writing a breeze and allows the evaluator to develop custom templates personalized to the writing style of the evaluator It also allows the practitioner to electronically transmit reports with unequaled ease.

The UTM is an optional attachement.


Functional Range of Motion System (FROM) is the only scientifically researched positional tolerance and time-motion testing system of its kind. Now you can accurately match the positional tolerances of a worker to a production environment where performance on a time-motion basis is essential. The abilities of the tested worker are tied to the internationally recognized MTM standards in protocols that address the varying frequencies of work.

UTM - Universal Taskmaster

Universal TaskMaster (UTM) is the only bilateral simultaneous static strength testing system of its kind. The UTM allows the evaluator to accurately duplicate the strength requirement of work in over 224 positions! Now you can document the strength deficits between the right and the left sides while performing activities as they really are on the job site.

Multiple Cases for TEST

TEST folds down into convenient carrying cases and can be transported in almost any standard passenger vehicle. The system can be assembled and calibrated within 15 minutes.

Protocols That Can Be Performed on the TEST

The TEST provides the professional evaluator with more capabilities than any other portable functional testing system in the world

Range-of-Motion Tests

Impairment Evaluations

Positional Tolerance Tests

Time-Motion Tests (MTM)

Work Simulation Tests

Self-Report Questionnaires

Cross-referenced Validity Tests

Static Strength Tests

Bilateral Simultaneous Strength (UTM)

Isometric Strength Tests

Dynamic Lift Tests (Customizable& EPIC)

Dynamic Carrying Tests

... and the ability to develop your own test templates into the software