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Universal TaskMaster

Hanoun’s patented Universal TaskMaster™ system measures right and left side forces individually and on a simultaneous basis. This allows for the accurate evaluation of compensatory biomechanical leveraging. This permits the evaluator to document appropriate accommodations made by the test subject during functional testing. Factors such as pushing and pulling force are significantly affected by independent right and left side force capabilities, the independent hand positioning (pronation and supination), the angle of the push or pull, the distance between the hands and body positioning. Unfortunately, most functional evaluation systems using static strength testing employ only a single load cell and a limited set of non-adjustable handles for testing purposes. The Universal TaskMaster™ has numerous adjustments that can be made, accounting for approximately 224 quadrillion unique strength measurement positions. The Universal TaskMaster™ is the only evaluation technology that provides computerized recording and reproducibility of all of these critical elements on a simultaneous basis. This is an essential feature for job-specific ADA testing or determining the extent of loss in an extremity attributable to an impairment.

Universal TaskMaster Bar

Odes Main ScreenMade from aluminum and stainless steel, the system is made with high quality material and workmanship. The bar rotation has its own integration ensuring accuracy of rotation to within 1°. Each handle distance has its own integration ensuring accuracy of distances to within 0.1”. Each handle rotation has its own integration ensuring accuracy of rotation to within 1°. The main force measurement device can accurately document values from 0—500 lbs. The device itself is accurate to 0.037% over a full scale and when combined with the software and other components is accurate to 0.2% over the full scale (i.e. within one pound at all times). A double-locking mechanism is used at the handle adjustment to ensure safety


The Universal TaskMaster provides features not found with other functional evaluation systems. They include the following:

  • The ability to independently set the hand positioning for the complete 180 degree arc of pronation and supination.
  • The ability to set the spread of the hands out to 49 inches at one-tenth of an inch intervals in order to accurately represent how work is performed (e.g., 48 inch spread for lifting drywall).
  • The ability to set the angle of the lift push or pull in a 180 degree arc in 5-degree increments.
  • The ability to set the height of the lift push or pull in one-tenth of an inch intervals
  • The ability to set the hand positioning through a 360 degree arc for higher and lower hand placement.
  • Real-time heart rate monitoring during static testing.
  • The bilateral simultaneous measurement of lift, push and pull strength in order to more accurately determine the abilities of the patient-worker.
  • Automatic determination of combined force as well as the comparison of right vs. left side strength differences.
  • Coefficient of variation for each side in order to determine consistency of effort.
  • Real-time simultaneous force curves in order to address issues such as fatigue, the effects of pathology and sincerity of effort