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Education and Training

Hanoun Medical Inc offers many courses to its evaluators to ensure they remain current in their use of the system and the most recent research.

The Hanoun ER Level I training is for any individual who will be using either the Hanoun ER or Evaluator systems. Training will cover the use of each individual tool, basic principles of functional evaluations, how to use the protocol grid and evaluation handbook, testing analysis, report writing and more. Hanoun Level I training certificates will be provided to those attendees who complete and meet all requirements.

The ER lLevel 2II course covers advanced applications of the use of the Hanoun software and technology. The course is developed ideally for those evaluators who have completed the ER Level OneI course, are familiar with the system, and have completed a minimum of 20 functional tests. The course includes several cases studies to improve the evaluator's evaluation, analysis, and report writing skills.

The E.P.I.C. Lifting Capacity is the only peer reviewed and published lift capacity protocol, which measures all three domains of function (biomechanical, physiological and psychophysiological). This one-day course prepares healthcare professionals and technicians to provide standardized, reliable, valid and defensible evaluations with the ELC protocol.

evalNET training is provided to evalNET Center evaluators. These training sessions contain all the information in an ER Level 1I course with additional emphasis on issues related to improving assessment and report quality.

Hanoun provides additional continuing education courses to evalNET customers in post offer of employment testing, advanced marketing applications, report writing, National Disability Evaluators Program and many others to ensure exceptional quality assessments are provided from these centers.