MYTRAK Strength Coach

About the MYTRAK Strength Coach

The Strength Coach is a mini computer packed with artificial intelligence and automation that mounts directly to exercise equipment; breeding life, variety and guaranteed results into every workout. Users scan an an ID tag, and their most current body signature is downloaded from the facility’s Personal Health Manager software (the Central Nervous System of the Strength Coach). The Strength Coach monitors vital equipment function while closely monitoring and tracking heart rate response to exertion. All this data is processed and compared to the unique goals programmed for the user with real-time feedback to guide and ensure the user is training in the prescribed intensity zone.

Simple Feedback

The MYTRAK Success Coach uses simple and easy to understand red, yellow and green lights to communicate with users to help them exercise effectively. The objective for every user is to ‘GO FOR GREEN’. Yellow and red lights indicate under- or over-exertion but a green light indicates ideal exercise intensity where optimum benefit will be derived from every workout.

MYTRAK Strength Coach Infographic