MYTRAK Strength Coach

How Strength Coach Works

Engaging and supporting users

Strength Coach helps people exercise smarter, safer and more effectively. It’s so helpful and easy to use that people can begin their personally designed health program just minutes after they join a club. Facility staff guide users through their fist workout to ensure proper training technique, equipment configuration and program selection.

From there, Strength Coach virtually takes over, monitoring and coaching users during every workout on every exercise station for every repetition. Strength Coach tells users when to speed up, when to slow down, when to take a rest, what they’re doing right, what needs improvement and when they’re ready to progress. It does all this in a fun and interactive way using red, yellow and green lights. Messages specific to each user’s quality of workout are sent to the Personal Health Manager report. Similar to the feedback provided by a personal trainer, this allows the user to make the necessary adjustments to their workout quality to optimize their results. The only thing users have to focus on is the green light... Go For GREEN!

MYTRAK Strength Coach

Personal Training Tool

Although Strength Coach empowers users to improve their exercise experi-ence and remain at an optimal level of training, it’s also a very powerful personal training tool.

Once utilized, MYTRAK partners with personal trainers, providing them with an unprecedented amount of objective and scientific data to better manage their clients. StrengthCoach highlights changes inside their client’s bodies well before they can see them on the outside. Through Strength Coach , personal trainers are now able to analyze performances, trends and deficiencies over a period of time or for a single workout. Based on this objective data, they can make recommendations to their clients on how to improve and make the most of each workout.

MYTRAK Strength Coach


By adding various proprietary and patent pending MYTRAK intelligence to exercise equipment such as hydraulic circuits, weight stack equipment, bikes or treadmills, MYTRAK is able to closely monitor vital equipment function as well as monitor bio-metrics data of individual users. Once automated, MYTRAK instantly learns station configurations, mechanical settings, as well as primary and secondary muscles impacted during exercise. As a retrofit solution, MYTRAK re-vitalizes older exercise equipment bringing them well beyond the expectation of today’s demanding users, adding years to their useful life. MYTRAK automated equipment provides users with interactivity and entertainment while guiding them through the most effective training program possible.

MYTRAK is designed to bring simplicity and standardization to many types of exercise equipment. Regardless of equipment type, users experience the same GO FOR GREEN philosophy while exercising. MYTRAK manages the integration and configuration between various types of equipment.